Knowledge Resources for Performance and Productivity and Management of the workforce Guide - Human resources Review

The On-Going Performance Evaluation
Winning. Article by Ethan A.
Performance Problems
Frequently asked questions and answers from the AHI Employment Law Resource Center.
MBO- Planning and Control
Winning. Objectives-Setting And Performance Evaluation - Article by Ethan A.
Why Competencies
Frequently asked questions from The Schoonover Group.
Performance Appraisals
Sample problem and solution from AHI's Employment Law Resource Center.
Why Ratings Based Appraisals Fail
Performance management and appraisal resources.
You Can Do Anything - But Not Everything
Hammonds, from Fast Company. Article by Keith H.
Performance Management Overview
Information from the United States Office of Personnel Management.
Human Resources - Effective Organizations
Information from Auxillium West on performance management.
Are They Afraid of You?
Article on Moving up the Motivational Curve
Companies evaluate employees from all perspectives (Article by Jayart Kirksey, et al)
Article by Jayart Kirksey, first published in Personnel Journal.
Performance Information
Easily find Performance Information with hundreds of sources!
360-degree feedback
Links to article and resources from Team Builders Plus.
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