Imaginativeness and Invention and Management of the workforce Guide - Human resources Review

GoCreative Center
Global collaboration of creative people promoting the development new ideas through creative thinking, invention, creativity, innovation, problem solving
Inspiration Software, Inc.
Products are sold to multiple industries. This company was capitalized by private investment. Developer of visual learning and thinking software for Macintosh and Windows.
Vantage Quest: Harmonics for Creativity & Personal Growth
Creativity, meditation, relaxation and personal transformation enhanced with entheogenic harmonics that entrain altered states of consciousness.
Provider of programs and consulting in creativity and innovative thinking to translate visions and ideas into actionable, impactful strategies.
Agents of Innovation
Article by Carol Orsag Madigan, from
BrainTainment Center - IQ Tests and Memory Improvement - What is your IQ?
Online destination for brain health, fitness and achieving peak mental performance.
National commercial real estate services firm-headquartered in Chicago,Illinois.
Innovation Leaders
Detailed profiles of the companies making the most innovation impact
Innovation Network
An association offering resources for personal creativity and organizational innovation.
Creative thinking needs to be rewarded
Article from Joan Lloyd & Associates.
Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace
Information on creative hiring tools, culture transformation and current creativity in the marketplace.
Creative Incentives
Custom imprinted promotional products, motivating employees, advertising specialties, and premium incentives used for increasing sales and profits and services.
Links to Creativity Web Sites
Creative websites for the workplace.
Outward Bound Professional
Non-profit with mission to create positive lasting change in the workplace by helping organizations improve individual, group, and organizational effectiveness.
Workplace Creativity
Information on how to increase employees' creative potential.
Innovation Research Centre
Management of Innovation and New Technology (MINT)* Research Centre Home Page.
Edward de Bono - lateral thinking
Web site relates to most of Dr de Bono's work in the teaching of 'thinking tools', lateral thinking and the communications framework.
Workplace Learning Conference May 7 - 9, 2000
Workplace learning consultants and speakers.
Enchanted Mind
The purpose of this site is to create a daily experience of humor, inspiration and creative problem solving.
Innovation Management Association of Canada
IMAC is an association of research, technology management, and innovation leaders in Canada.
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