Consultancy for the Productivity and Management of the workforce Guide - Human resources Review

Compensation Resources: Productivity Management Consulting
Consulting firm offering services to help design, implement and evaluate comprehensive performance management plans to enhance employee productivity.
Camelot - Leadership Management Consultants
Experts in team building, communication skills, leadership training, executive development, employee relations
Pace Productivity
Consultants who measure and improve how employees spend their time.
On Target Performance Systems
Human resource performance evaluation, internal affairs (IA) tracking, training administration, job/task analysis and personnel administrative management software and consulting services.
Fredrickson Communications
A performance consulting firm specializing in internal communications, documentation, training and technical consulting.
Pace Productivity: Performance and Productivity Services
Offers time study consulting, consults with clients, process improvement, and employee training and conducts employer friendly job analysis studies.
Anthony Robbins & Associates
Also offers keynote speeches and presentations. Consulting and training firm specializing in peak performance, motivation and personal and professional turnaround.
Nb of rev= 7 - Software for Performance Appraisal