Consultancy for the Flexible Work Schedule and Management of the workforce Guide - Human resources Review

TManage, Inc
Provides full-service telework programs, services and support for large business and government markets.
TSI Services, Inc.
Services include: E-Business and Electronic Commerce Solutions, The Integrated Telecommuting Approach, and Telecommuting Consulting and Training Services.
The Outsourcing Institute (OI)
A global executive network and professional association providing information, networking, advice and resources on all forms of outsourcing.
KLR Consulting
This site provides information on their services, books, and access to relevant a. A management consulting firm specializing in alternative work arrangements (telework), alternative officing, project management and general management consulting.
Longden Company, Hudson
Provides the cost-effective, flexible work environments companies need to compete in today's fast-paced global economy.
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