Consultancy for the Conflict Resolution and Management of the workforce Guide - Human resources Review

Resolute Systems, Inc.
Provider of dispute resolution services.
Caras & Associates, Inc
Consulting firm that implements Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) systems throughout the US, Mexico and Canada.
Janzen Group
Provides dispute resolution services for businesses and families.
Chorda Conflict Management, Inc.
Design systems that build collaborative strength in teams, organizations and strategic alliances. Specializes in creative conflict resolution.
Centre for Conflict Resolution International
Helps organizations remain competitive by reducing workplace conflict.
Mediation Training Institute International
Global network of certified trainers of managing workplace conflict who offer customizable one-day training seminars.
Center for Aggression Management
Provides training to managers and employees to measure, manage and prevent aggression and violence in our workplace and schools.
Conflict Resolution
Free Conflict Resolution Info From The Business Source.
Barbara Braham, Business Coach and Public Speaker
Business coach, professional speaker and strategic planning facilitator helps individuals and teams build their capacity and contribution through clarity, depth and insight.
Michael H. Smith, Ph.D.
Helps companies manage conflict and improve productivity through consulting, training, and coaching.
Multi-disciplinary group of consultants specializing in conflict resolution, violence prevention, and in managing workplace occurrences.
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