Consultancy for Distance Learning and Employee training and development Guide - Human resources Review

Provides software to help corporate trainers establish web-based education programs for their staff. Offers e-learning support to help educators build online learning communities around their classes.
Formal Systems, Inc.
Also, developer of software for the development and delivery of online exams. Software runs on cross-platforms including Window. Provider of interactive learning services, including virtual universities, learning portals and web-based training.
CATA Technologies
Provider of software and Web-based products that support online learning applications in corporate and educational settings.
Provider of custom e-learning solutions development.
E-learning service provider (e-LSP) that offers Internet and electronic knowledge training to corporate and institutional clients.
Provides business education solutions for corporations and academic institutions.
Knowledge Interactive (UK)
Provides eLearning consulting services including web-based training course development delivered via the internet, corporate intranet, or CD.
Online course management software solutions and support services that empower colleges, universities and corporations to offer online education.
A completely outsourced, remotely hosted and scalable distance education and training delivery solution.
Learning Byte International
Developer of web-based training solutions through Java multimedia technology.
RDI Management Learning
Also provides team-building and leadership development events. An institution catering to the needs of adult education and development by conducting training and educational courses.
Embanet Corporation
Offers two platforms: a discussions based platform powered by FirstClass GroupWare technology and a Web-based campus wide platform powered by IntraLearn technology.
Provider of virtual classrooms for distance learning for developing and managing online courses and content.
International Centre for Connected Intelligence
An e-learning applications service provider that develops, distributes and implements educational content and creates networked learning environments.
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