Organizations in Energy Conservation and Energy efficiency and conservation Guide - Energy and environment Review

Tata Energy Research Institute (TERI)
A non-profit research institute based in India conducting scientific and policy research in the fields of energy, forestry and whole range of sustainable development issues; committed to reducing all forms of waste, environment, biotechnology and whole range of sustainable development issues; committed to reducing all forms of waste, p.
National Academy of Sciences
National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, National Research Council, Institute of Medicine. Portal page for the National Academies, a.k.a.
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)
A non-profit organization to foster the use of renewable and sustainable energy, the responsible use of non-renewable forms of energy, and to convey the value of these practices for the preservation of the environment.
Nonprofit agency implemented by the Finnish government to promote and increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions in households, transport, services and industry.
Colorado Office of Energy Conservation
Supports and promotes the efficient use of energy and resources in Colorado through education, technical and financial assistance.
Association of Energy Services Professionals
Dedicated to advancing the professional interests of individuals working to provide value through energy services and energy efficiency.
Export Council for Energy Efficiency
Promotes the global use of energy efficiency products and services with a website which contains energy efficient export opportunities, links to the global energy efficiency community, and market assessments and financing resource guides.
Summit of the Americas
In December 1994 thirty-four elected leaders from North and South America signed the Summit of Americas Action Plan which provide the political guidance to initiate cooperation on the development of consistent policy framework and information ex.
Sustainable Minnesota
State coalition promotes energy efficiency and sound use of renewable energy.
Energy Efficiency Manual
The world's guide to saving energy costs in buildings and industry.
National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO)
A nonprofit corporation whose membership includes energy officials from the state and territory energy offices and affiliates from the private and public sectors; provides a voice to federal government on specific energy priorities and concerns .
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