Testing for Chemicals Laboratories and Processing services Guide - Chemicals Review

Provider of chemical analysis and DNA-based testing services.
Fitzsimmons & Associates, Inc.
Services are provided to multiple industries. Provider of water, soil, chemical, forensic, manufacturing testing and waste analysis services.
UL RoHS Compliance Solutions: Chemical Testing Laboratories
Includes testing, supply-chain monitoring and compliant-supplier database. UL's tools help manufacturers efficiently self-declare RoHS compliance.
Element Analysis Corp.
PIXE provides the simultaneous, nondestructive, quantitat. Provider of research and development services, specializing in PIXE (proton induced x-ray emission), PIGE (proton induced gamma ray emission) and FNAA (fast neutron activation analysis).
Huffman Laboratories
Services include chemical analysis, problem solving/consulting, research and instrument development. Provider of microanalysis services to the research and industrial scientist.
Dow Corning: Chemicals Process Testing Services
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, formulating, and process services, including testing and blending.
Chemir/Polytech Laboratories
Independent contract analytical laboratory specializing in materials identification, failure analysis, formulation comparison , contaminant identification, competitive product analysis, deformulation and litigation support.
Materials & Chemistry Laboratory (MCL)
Provides industrial forensics, materials characterization, process optimization and environmental chemistry.
Intertek: Testing Laboratories
Laboratories engage in research, testing and measurement activities for industry, government and commercial business.
MPR Services
Also, provides analytical services. Provider of reclaiming services for amine, glycol and sulfonate producers.
Chemic Laboratories
Provider of analytical services, contract research and development, specializing in pharmaceutical chemistry and flavor analysis.
Underwriters Laboratories: Chemical Testing Laboratories
Download UL?s free white paper on the benefits of building a global compliance strategy. Learn to navigate international certification requirements.
SGAB Analytica
Provider of organic and inorganic analytical analysis as well as mineralogy services.
American Polymer Standards
Ohio-based provider of polymer analysis, gel-permeation and size-exclusion chromatography (GPC/SEC) columns, and polymer standards that are soluable in aqueous solvents.
Lubrizol Canada
Specialty chemical manufacturer that offers blending, custom manufacturing, warehousing and analytical services for specialty chemical products.
Alturas Analytics
Provider of chemical testing services including sample, LC/MS and LC/MS/MS analysis.
MTEC Photoacoustics, Inc.
Products are sold to research facilities. This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer of photoacoustic cells for use in chemical analysis and research.
Midwest MicroLab
Provides analytical services including organic microchemical analysis to research and industry.
Specialized chemical manufacturer mainly involved in fine synthesis and custom chemical analysis; also heavily involved in research and development of new high performance products.
Chemical Testing
Chemical Analysis Laboratories Global Laboratory Network
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