Recycling and Solvent Recovery services and Processing services Guide - Chemicals Review

Romic Environmental Technologies Corp.
The company also produces liquid and solid waste derived fuel. Products and services are sold to the electronics, paint, coating, automoti. Provider of solvent recycling and disposal, water and waste treatment, consulting and analysis services.
Mobile Process Technology
Provider of mobile process recovery technologies for waste management applications.
Advanced Recovery Technologies Corporation
Also provides carbon reactivation and replacement services. Supplier of activated carbon and carbon adsorbers and purifiers.
Recycler's World
A business-to-business trading community hub providing Global access to recycling markets in liquids, oils/chemicals recycling and other similar kinds of materials.
MPR Services
Provider of reclaiming services mainly for amine, glycol and sulfonate producers also provides analytical services.
Chemical Design, Inc.
This company was capitalized by private investment. Manufacturer and designer of gas-recovery systems for the chemical and electronic industries.
Involved in engineered chemistry, provides creative solutions in oil and gas enhanced recovery chemical intermediates and industrial chemicals.
Mexico based recycling company involved in the supply of recycled acetone, trichlorotrifluoroethane, methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), trichloroethane, tetrachloroethylene
Surplus Chemicals
Chemical waste processing plant and supplier of reclaimed chemicals, also provides laboratory grade reagents.
Rhodia Eco-Services
An enterprise of Rhodia offers waste management and water treatment products and services, oleum, sodium bisulfide , sulfur based products(sulfuric acid, sulfur trioxide, recycling catalytic converters and carbon disulfide) and sulfuric acid rege.
Rhodia Eco Services
Provider of regenerative and waste management services and products for also produces coagulants and ultrafiltration membranes.
Centec International
Provides process development, scale-up, toll manufacture and resource recovery services to the chemical and allied industries.
TNC Industrial
Taiwan based specialty chemical manufacturer, products include nitrocellulose also operates an integrated solvent recovery and recycling facility.
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