Process Services Chemicals and Processing services Guide - Chemicals Review

Applied P & Ch Laboratory (APCL)
In addition, specializes in environmental services which includes analysis and identification of materials and products not de. Offers analytical services and consultation to clients in industry, as well as, municipal, State and Federal agencies.
Stellar Manufacturing
Services include tableting, briguetting, granulating, compacting, milling, and blending. Specializes in toll powder processing of chemicals.
Howard Industries
Custom chemical manufacturer and process-services provider including milling, drying, blending and packaging.
Webb Chemical
Provider of storage and material handling services for the chemical industry including transportation, packaging, blending and training.
Services include biogas clening, NH3 recovery, gas drying, hydrogen systems and oxygen PSA and VSA systems. Provider of gas-treatment systems for the petrochemical and chemical industry and refineries.
American Custom Drying
Provider of spray drying and blending services for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
C & H Chemical
Manufactures and packages quality specialty chemical products and environmentally safe cleaning compounds, industrial degreasers, custom blending and private label chemicals.
Marin Biologic Laboratories, Inc.
Services are provided to biotech companies. Provider of contract research and manufacturing services in cell biology, biochemistry and molecular biology.
Trinity Chemical Industries
Service provider for the chemical industry including transportation, water treatment, waste management and cleaning.
International diversified corporation providing engineering services, material handling, refrigeration and industrial gases.
Oxford Asymmetry International
Integrated process chemical service provider, scale-up, commercial production , custom synthesis, validation, services include research and development facilities and consulting and marketing.
Nucon International
Also offers activated carbon and . Service and equipment supplier for the chemical industry, services include solvent recovery, air pollution control, nuclear air treatment; equipment includes aerosol test, halide vapor test and pressure sensors.
Chemical processing
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Van Waters & Rogers
Also provides waste management and logistics services. Distributor of fine and specialty chemicals.
Also provides waste assesments and research and development related projects. Provider of industrial cleaning services, including hydroblasting, chemical treating and waste material transportation.
Multisorb Technologies
Manufacturer and designer of active packaging components, oxygen absorbers, provides and discards
Chiral Technologies
Provides technical support, biotechnology, services and products for chiral separation and analysis to the pharmaceutical and other related industries worldwide.
Bardon Water Services (BWS)
Based in Rhode Island the company provides water treatment services through engineers experienced in cooling towers, boilers and fountains.
Crysta-Lyn Chemical Co., Inc.
Services are provided to imaging companies. This company was capitalized by private investment. Provider of custom chemical synthesis services, specializing in dye/pigment chemicals, gelatin hardeners and intermediates.
Pathfinder, LLC
Provider of project management services for the chemical process industry.
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