Disposal of Chemical Waste and Processing services Guide - Chemicals Review

Systech Environmental Corp.
Services are provided to multiple industries. Provider of spent fuels co-processing services.
Manufacturer of specialty chemicals for treating industrial-process wastewaters and other environmental applications.
Heritage Environmental
Environmental company offering the following management services: waste treatment & disposal, decontamination & demolition, industrial cleaning, landfill capping and closure and recycling as well as consulting engineering and .
Rhodia Eco-Services
An enterprise of Rhodia offers waste management and water treatment products and services, oleum, sodium bisulfide , sulfur based products(sulfuric acid, sulfur trioxide, recycling catalytic converters and carbon disulfide) and sulfuric acid rege.
National Chemical
Industrial water treament specialists, provides waste mangement products and services; specializes in cooling towers and closed loop systems.
Rhodia Eco Services
Also produces coagulants and ultrafiltration membranes. Provider of regenerative and waste management services and products.
Gower Chemicals
Also offers waste management and water treatment products. Logistic and chemical management service provider including blending, process development, storage and outsourcing.
Garbage Disposal
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International provider of engineering and recovery services for industrial and wastewater management, including recycling.
Hoover Materials Handling Group, Inc.
Parent/holding company with a high-tech unit involved in shipping and materials handling boxes. Products are sold to the food, chemical and petrochemical industries. Manufacturer of intermediate bulk containers.
The systems include functions for bulk delivery, chemical dispensing and waste removal. The systems use a closed loop system for moving and dispensing chemicals. Products are sold to any compa. Manufacturer of safe chemical management systems.
W. Canning plc
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Nature Plus, Inc.
The products are natural, enzyme-based, fermented products. Products are sold to waste treatment facilities a. Manufacturer of odor management products for waste deoderization, composting, land fill, medical and soil stabilization applications.
Chemical Waste Management (CWM)
Provides transportation, disposal and treatment of hazardous waste.
PN Services
Services manufactures and supplies industrial and potable water filtration systems to non-nuclear industries, filtration services, specializes in decontamination, chemical cleaning and ion exchange systems.
NUR Chemicals & Engineering Industries
Manufacturer of chemicals for treating crude oil and industrial water.
Also, provides hazardous waste disposal services. Producer of heat treating, dip brazing and quench salts, and oils and cleaning compounds.
Tricon Chemical
Also provides treatment services. Manufacturer and distributor of water treatment chemicals.
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