Blenders and Formulator Processes and Processing services Guide - Chemicals Review

Formula Corporation
Custom compounder and contract packer of industrial and institutional chemicals.
Also provides denaturing and blending services. Producer of natural and synthetic alcohols, including glycols.
MARC Mid American Research Chemical
Chemical blenders and formulators, serving mainly maintenance personnel.
PB&S Chemical Company
Industrial and municipal chemical distributor, custom chemical blender and compressed gas packager.
Shore Chemical Company
Pennsylvania based formulator and blender of custom performance chemicals products for the automotive, construction, cleaning and specialized solvent industries.
Engineered Materials Systems
Global custom formulator and manufacturer of structural adhesives, potting, coatings and thermal management compounds.
Conductive Compounds
Custom formulators of electrically and/or thermally conductive adhesives, inks, UV encapsulants, EMI/RFI coatings, shieldings , coatings, caulks, potting compounds and membrane switch materials.
APS - Asia Pacific Specialty Chemicals
Contract chemical manufacturer for dry mixing, liquid blending and packaging, mainly serving Australia.
Webb Chemical
Provider of storage and material handling services for the chemical industry, packaging, including transportation and training services.
Gower Chemicals
Also offers waste management and water treatment products. Logistic and chemical management service provider including blending, process development, storage and outsourcing.
Southern Ionics (SII)
Also produces sodium carbonate solutions, inhibited sulfuric acid, various concentrations of sulfu. American based manufacturer of specialty and intermediate inorganic chemicals, specializes in aluminum, magnesium, sulfur and zirconium chemicals.
C & H Chemical
Manufactures and packages quality specialty chemical products and environmentally safe cleaning compounds, industrial degreasers, custom blending and private label chemicals.
We also toll blend, private label, drop ship, & custom formulate. Chemical blender of powders & solutions offering a full line of metal finishing, cleaning, printing, and process chemicals.
James Briggs
England based chemical formulator and blender, electrical, lubricant , agriculture, janitorial, specializing in aerosol packaging of specialty products for the automotive and coating applications.
Howard Industries, Inc.
Provider of custom processing services including chemical blending, drying, calcining, metal separation, bulk h, plastic and rubber processing, mixing/blending (liquid or powder), size reduction and particle classification andling, agglomerating,.
Illinois based aerosol packaging company and formulators.
Dow Corning: Chemical Process Formulators & Blenders
Supplies custom chemical products and technologies, formulating, and process services, including testing and blending.
It's Not Just A Blender
Enjoy restaurant-style drinks at home. New Frozen Concoction Maker.
Custom Chemical Formulators
Provices chemical blending, formulation, and product development services also provides custom packaging; USDA / EPA / FDA certified.
WM Barr
Custom chemical blender and packager for the coatings industry.
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